I trained and worked as a professional dancer and understand better than most the pressures of todays society to look ‘good’. I’ve always believed in creating a healthy body and mind and that’s the approach I use with all my clients. 

I love trying new things and incorporate my new findings into my sessions so clients are never bored.

Growing up I was always sporty, running cross-country for my county (Cornwall) and performing at the Birmingham Athletics Championships, taking my surfboard from Newquay to Biarritz and practicing yoga in my spare time. 

As well as fitness, I am passionate about nutrition (I like to think I’m a less calorific Nigella!) and can offer advice to clients and non-clients who would like to spruce up their diet plans. 

My Aim

To build a happier, healthier you - be that weight loss, strength building, muscle gains or rehabilitation. 

But remember - your perfect weight is the weight you are at when at your healthiest and happiest.

And I am here to help you achieve that so you can get the body you love to wear everyday!