3 Top Tips to stay in 'Tip Top' shape this Winter!

Winter is here and with it getting colder and darker outside it can become difficult to keep up our usual fitness regimes. Still, there is no excuse to turn into a seasonal sloth and hibernate under a warm blanket till Spring - keep the winter blues at bay by using my three top tips to keep you in tip top shape… 

1. Stay motivated - easier said than done? Remind yourself of your goal or set yourself a new one for the festive period. This can be as simple as looking good for a xmas party or getting fit for a skiing holiday or working on that bikini bod for those lucky enough to get somewhere warm. Remind yourself how far you've come - you don't want to start right back at the beginning come January!

2. FitFam - what began as a hashtag now means so much more - find a friend who is reliable and who'll drag you out of bed the morning after a xmas party, push you through the wind and rain and who'll enjoy a bowl of well-earned chocolate proats afterwards :p You''ll be much more likely to stick to a fitness regime as you won't want to let them down.

3. Preparation - lay out your workout clothes the night before, buy yourself some thermals and pre-book classes so you're less likely to cancel. Make things easier for yourself by organising in advance and deciding when you can fit your workouts into your schedule so you don't have to miss out on any festivities. 

And most importantly be positive! It's a lifetime achievement if you can keep pushing yourself and challenging your body and mind. So don't let the chilly temperatures hold you back - remember where you started and keep working on where you want to be!