Find what works for you and DON'T stick to it!!!

We are all familiar with the saying 'find what works for you' but I don't agree with that way of thinking… My belief and experience has taught me that to perfect a lean, strong body and mind then variation is the secret. 

And isn't it exciting trying new things? When there is so much out there and so much available these days why would you choose to stick to the same routine week in and week out?! We have power yoga, TRX classes, bootcamps in the park, power plates, HIIT and reformer pilates and lucky for those of us in London they are never too far away. 

Fitness can be so much fun and if you are someone who doesn't enjoy the thought of exercise or has the idea that gym = slogging it out on the treadmill then think again! Even for you gym bunnies out there - throwing things into the mix will keep your workouts fresh and your body switched on. Also research has shown that you're more likely to stick to a varied exercise programme than those who stick to the same programme.

Of course we all have our preferences and some may prefer a more predictable. consistent routine however allow me to share a few reasons why it's beneficial to physically and mentally challenge yourself...

1. The word that makes fitness fans quake in their nikes 'Plateau' - once your body has adapted to the exercise you will burn fewer calories and by switching things up your body will have to work harder to adapt.

2. 'Injuries' - prevent getting injuries caused by overuse and give your muscles and joints time to recover by doing something else that doesn't strain the same area repeatedly. 

3. 'Boredom' - if you are constantly checking the clock or hitting the snooze button once too often then it's time to spice things up! Find a training partner or train outside, find ideas through social media - I get so much inspiration from Instagram :)

4. 'Motivation' - you may enjoy working out alone but by training with a partner, personal trainer or in a class you'll' be more likely to commit and feel more motivated to go the extra rep!

So of course, find things that work for you but don't stick to it - try new things and I guarantee you'll reap the benefits and your body and mind will be eternally thankful xxx