You're One Workout Away From A Good Mood :)

It’s true! Even for those of you who find exercise the biggest chore in the world have to admit that after a workout session you feel flippin’ marvelous! It’s not just a coincidence that you feel less stressed out and generally happier! Here are a few reasons why...

  1. Dopamine - this cheeky chemical is a major player in giving us those feelings of pleasure and happiness. As we get older it’s suggested that our levels of dopamine decrease and the best way to increase production? Exercise! 
  2. Less stressed - And not just in the short term - by sweating out your worries and leaving your cares behind you will also become less stressed in the long term too. Reason being that while exercising you are triggering a burst of hormonal changes that produce a low-level of stress and if you undergo this on a regular basis you will get better at coping with the rest of life’s stressors.
  3. Feel energized - We’ve all had those days when working out is the last thing you want to do but isn’t it strange how you can feel so sluggish before a work out and come out afterwards feeling more energized? And if you workout in the morning that energy will stay with you for the whole day! Greater energy = greater happiness :)
  4. Confidence booster - Low self-esteem is the worst feeling. When you don’t feel good about your body it can have a serious effect on your mental well-being - which in turn can effect your relationships, career, goals etc. Seeing your body transform and feeling stronger and more independent can be the best confidence booster. 

The next time you’re lacking motivation remind yourself of how you felt after your last session. Write it down or look at a post work out selfie to reassure yourself why you’re doing it and the progress you’re making. 

And stay positive with yourself! Combat those negative thoughts - it may not be easy but my goodness it will be worth it!