My Fitness Inspiration

I was recently asked what and who do I look at for fitness inspiration and there's no one way or person I can name. I am constantly being inspired by the people around me - from other trainers and fitness instructors to my clients and also people I read about and follow on Instagram. 

I'm inspired by people who have made changes big or small to improve their health and fitness, who dedicate themselves to something and don't give up but mainly I'm inspired by people who have found a balance and you can just look at them and know they are content within themselves. 

One woman who has taken the nutrition world by storm this last year is Ella Woodward (a.k.a Deliciously Ella) who I find incredibly inspirational. Although I am not a vegan (not even a veggie!) I find this lady incredibly inspirational - after being bed-ridden due to a rare illness she cured herself through healthy eating and has created a massively successful brand with a devoted following and is about to open her own deli in Marylebone with her fiancé. Her philosophy is about clean eating and giving your body the love and health that it deserves - and with her much adored sweet potato brownies may she keep spreading health and happiness! 

Another young woman who inspires me is Victoria Spence - known on Instagram as @healthyfitvic. One-third of the creators of hashtag GirlGains this 21 year old has openly shared her previous yoyo-ing weight experience and now preaches how 'it's not about 6 packs and thigh gaps - it's about being strong, taking care of your health and loving the skin you're in!'. Too true! With their campaign being a sensation across the UK I have my fingers crossed that more women will choose this healthier and happier mindset when it comes to their bodies. 

One of my loves is yoga and one teacher who inspires me and probably doesn't realise how much happiness she is spreading is Cloudia Hill who teaches at one of my favourite studios The Power Yoga Company. Her classes are so energising and she encourages you to go beyond and step out of your comfort zone - I'm always surprised with what I can achieve in just 60 minutes with her. 

Lastly, although I can't name individuals I have to mention my clients - all of whom have their own goals and ambitions from competing in an Iron Man, running the Royal Parks Half Marathon, Dry January for charity and just trying to fit into an old pair of jeans! Their goals inspire me to work towards my own - which currently are holding a handstand and being able to do bodyweight pull ups. 

Whatever it is or whoever it is make sure it's something/someone who inspires you to do that extra rep, run that little bit further, jump that smidge higher, be confident in your own skin and promote a healthy and happier lifestyle.