A Review of 2015 :)

Well where to begin…? In January I was an 'in-between contracts' basically out of work dancer, working in a bar and doing all sorts of promo work (the latter of which I particularly dislike) while I was going to auditions - some good some bad but not really getting anywhere. I felt stuck and miserable and my confidence had plummeted from constant rejection. You don't become a dancer for the money, you work your butt off for your passion but as I was spending the majority of my time not dancing I felt I needed to be doing something I was equally passionate about to keep me sane and happy! 

So I spontaneously jumped onto a personal training course with Premier Training with my plan to work as a personal trainer while I wasn't dancing. However, I realised pretty quickly that this wasn't going to be an 'in-between contracts' job - I'd ignited another passion and felt the happiest I'd been in ages. 

In May I qualified and Swift Fitness took me on as a bootcamp instructor. I was so happy because it was being a member of their bootcamps that made me want to be a personal trainer so it was the perfect place to start my fitness career. And seven months later I'm still loving it - I've been able to watch members progress in strength and confidence and it's such a lovely feeling when they give you positive feedback. It's also through Swift that I've been able to gain some wonderful and loyal clients who I take for one on one sessions and building a rapport with them is one of the biggest perks of the job! 

Until September I was still doing the occasional promo job but one of these jobs landed me a position with Good Vibes studio in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia. The wonderful Nahid (founder) got me trained up to teach their power plates classes and since then I've completed my power plates qualification. For those who are dubious about using power plates I seriously recommend using them - for strength, conditioning, cardio and rehabilitation they are fantastic machines! 

Thanks to social media I connected with Gok (@thepowtential) the head of TRX at Heartcore and after a rigorous month of training I have begun teaching at their Chelsea and Fulham studios and in the New Year will begin at their new St John's Wood studio. All their classes including reformer pilates and ballet barre are super intense and not for the faint hearted! 

Another company I am proud to be a part of is TruBe - a fitness app that allows you to book personal training/yoga/kick boxing…sessions wherever you want, whenever you want. A great concept run by a fantastic, hard working team making it inexcusable not to fit in your workouts - especially with their latest TruPlans a one on one session will cost as little as £22!!!

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2015 - It was one of my goals to do a half marathon and it seemed the perfect opportunity when Swift put together a team to run for Starfish Greathearts Foundation. Unfortunately due to one of my clumsier moments I sprained my ankle just when I was beginning training but had a good 6 weeks of intense training before the race and although my joints hated every moment of it I knew when I arrived to Hyde Park that I'd probably be doing it again the next year. It was one of my proudest moments crossing the finish line - I ran the whole way and kept a steady pace throughout, completing the 13.1 miles in 2:00:12! 

Now my goal is to be able to hold a handstand and to do unassisted pull ups - hopeful this time next year I'll be working on a new challenge :)

A lot has happened in a year and I feel so lucky to have had so many positive things happen. It makes me so happy to say I am now working as a full time PT in a field that I absolutely love and able to share my passion with others. A mahoosive thank you to Swift, Good Vibes, Heartcore and TruBe who've given me the opportunity to continue my fitness journey and I'm so excited for what 2016 has to offer!