Fat Don't Make You Fat!!

It's as simple as this - Diets high in fat don't make you fat. 

What may make you fat is overeating and being sedentary. While you're wagging your finger at those poor, over abused fats, try taking a look at those sugars and refined grains. 

Fat doesn't = junk food. 

Fat does have more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates - however, fat is more satiating so while it may contain more calories, you will get full up quicker and are likely to eat less. 

Now let's be clear, I'm not talking about high fat foods such as biscuits and crisps - I'm talking about the good stuff i.e the fats from whole foods. 

Such as: 

Avocados (obviously top of my list)

Nuts (close second)



Dark Chocolate

Fish (fatty)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chia Seeds (high in protein, even higher in FAT)

Empty calories some argue. Can you really argue that a packet of low fat hobnobs is more nutritionally beneficial than an avocado? 

Remember that when you opt for low-fat options there is nearly always a substitute to make it taste good - and it is usually sugar. 

So go for the full fat yoghurt and opt out of the low fat cheesecake. 

Why do we need fats in our diet?

a) Energy

b) Nerve and brain function

c) Healthy skin

d) Transporting fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and K 

e) Regulate hormones 

It is not beneficial to cut any macronutrient from your diet. It is important to learn how to eat a balanced diet and eat the right amount of calories for the amount of activity/exercise you do - but that is for another blog...

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