Fashionably Fit

Let's have a quick reality check, time is limited - especially if you live in London! Fitting in workouts and classes around work and life is pretty tiring and sometimes near impossible. It means sacrificing time with friends, getting home late or at this time of year leaving home when the moon is so bright it feels wrong to be drinking coffee so late… 

Reality check number 2 is that what you're wearing on the treadmill has become as important as what Kendall Jenner is wearing on the catwalk!

Let's face it, boutiques are not just places you go to buy clothes anymore. Fitness "studios" are resembling upmarket b&b's but with better toiletries and ghd's! It is easy to feel out of place if you thought working out meant wearing an old tee and your bf's sweats. 

I, for one will hold my hands up and say majority of the time I will choose comfort over style but who's to say you can't have both?

Active In Style have helped me out here with some of their recommendations for staple items they insist you should have in your Autumn workout wardrobe! 

Until its winter coat go-time, layering up with lighter pieces under a mac or leather jacket is the way forward. A cropped sweater is the perfect answer. A style like this works perfectly with a higher-waist legging with a statement waistband. We can't get enough of the Bjorn Borg Paulina Longsleeved Crewneck sweater. It comes in black or grey.


Think burgundy, royal blues and hints of khaki this winter. Whether you find it in a panel on your legging or subtle print, a warmer colour is always welcomed when the seasons change. The Nimble Activewear Khaki Leopard print is a standout style for us and the Lauren 7/8 Legging is a must for a stylishly understated piece.




We can't get enough of the ULTRA BOOST by adidas. It is by far one of our favourite sneaker styles and works perfectly for any type of workout, or even with a cool pair of leggings for running errands throughout the day.



Every active girl needs her perfect carry all, and Under Armour has delivered the goods in the gym bag department. The Works Tote is every inch stylish and practical; what more could a girl want?




A faux leather look is always on trend and with baseball caps and snapbacks on the rise, we can't look past the perfect athleisure accessory to complete all looks.

All Photos Curtesy of Active In Style

All Photos Curtesy of Active In Style

As you can see - going from sport to street has never been so easy! Which means you no longer have to choose between going to Barry's or brunch - now it's Barry's and Brunch!

We are living in an age where it's never been as acceptable as it is now to wear activewear as daily apparel and sprinting for the bus has never been easier ;)