Healthy Comes In All Shapes & Sizes!

Contrary to what is portrayed in magazines and on social media, 'Health' is not measured in six packs or booty gains. 

Just because someone is a certain size doesn't mean they follow a healthy diet or fitness regime and vice versa, someone who may not look like your typical #Fitspo might be able to run a marathon and get her macros in before you've even got your trainers on!

To be 'Healthy' you don't have to work out 7 days a week and live off green smoothies. That's choice - but not advisable. 

What someone looks like on the outside doesn't determine what they look like on the inside or how they feel. We have to be careful how we stereotype 'Healthy Living' because it's not the same for everybody and over-usage of hashtags such as #strongnotskinny is just setting a new idealism which to be honest isn't ideal for everyone. 

There are too many factors that have to be considered before you can define what or who is healthy. However, pursuing perfection is just setting yourself up to fail. 

I can't get enough of social media posts expressing someones self-love for themselves or for someone else! We need to start appreciating our bodies more - what they can do, how we can look after them better, how we can work on our insecurities but highlight our awesomeness!

Anyone who looks down on you for being happy in your skin is a) A green-eyed trivial person  not worth your time b) Insecure and a green-eyed trivial person not worth your time and c) Unhappy and would probably appreciate getting in on some of the bundles of self-love you have on offer :)

Don't judge someone on how many burpees they can do or how well they pull off a lycra all-in-one catsuit (for the record not many can but I'll high 5 any one brave enough to try!). 

Lastly, if you are interested in spending a week full of Sun, Sweat & Self-Love then get in touch for more information about my retreat next May!

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