Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This year was amazing (I know it's not over yet) but there was a lot of talk going on and not a lot of getting shit done. 

As trainers we encourage our clients to set goals and we set them for ourselves. And just like you we set ourselves fitness goals, nutrition goals and in my case life goals too. Personal and career. 

Now, I don't like to plan too far into the future but I do like to plan for the year ahead. For example 'This year I want to have achieved 'this' 'this' and 'this'. And 2016 has been a lot of planning but not a lot of doing. I know I'm not alone here! 

For myself, it's much easier setting fitness and nutrition goals because I'm in control of everything. I work for myself and freelance for other companies so every week is different and that's what I love about my job. I need variation in my life!

However, in one week I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started to make shit happen!

a) Booking myself onto a yoga teacher training programme in India next Summer!

b) Organising a health & fitness retreat for April!

If someone asked me what could make me even happier it would be to travel with my work more often and so I am so excited for both of these things to happen and for this to just be the beginning of Chelsea's Retreats. Fitness, Nutrition and Travel TICK!

There are risks everywhere in life and unfortunately a lot of the time it is money related (sad truth) but as this isn't going to change any time soon, that's shouldn't be the reason to duck from opportunities. 

Whether they're presented to you on a silver platter (rarely) or you have to create them from a crayon drawing on a paper plate that catches on fire and all goes to shit (fingers crossed this doesn't happen) then at least you tried! There's always Take 2…and Take 3… 

Basically, like with everything worthwhile in life it might take some effort, it might be scary but put on your big girl/boy pants and just do it. At least you'll never wonder 'what if...?'. 

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If you can relate to anything I've said then please share your comments below and for more information about my upcoming retreat on the beautiful Cornish coast then please get in touch by emailing: