Life Update & Life Lessons

Happy New Year!! (Sorry it's rather belated…)

It has been a good start to the year with clients keen to get going and I'm back to my own training regime and regular eating habits! No more Lindt chocolate balls in my porridge unfortunately :( 

But with any break it never takes long for me to crave exercise and veggies and early nights! I did make it up till midnight on NYE you'll be pleased to know but only just and with the help of a coffee or three ;) 

Again, a little late on the bandwagon with regards to setting my 2017 resolutions but that's basically because I completely forgot and to be honest my fitness goals are still the same - get stronger, fitter, maintain a healthy 'diet', create more balance yadda yadda yadda… 

My 2016 goals were to be able to do pull ups and hold a handstand unassisted...

Pull Ups Progress - I completed my pull up goal early on in the year and have since then gone backwards in terms of progress. 

Handstand Progress - I have ganglion cysts in both hands which is preventing me from putting any weight on my hands so unfortunately I have had to put that goal on hold while I figure out how to get rid of these pesky (painful) buggers. 

Halfway through the year I decided I wanted to grow a bum and while focusing on that my general fitness started to drop. 

For the last month I was desperately trying to gain upper body strength, grow a booty and get to high intensity classes so that I could get it all back and in the meantime started neglecting my yoga practice and so my flexibility got worse. 

Lesson 1) You can have too many goals - Focus on one. Tick it off. Move on to the next.  

Lesson 2) Understand where you went wrong. Acknowledge it didn't happen this time round. Understand why. Learn from it. Kick ass next time. 

Lesson 3) Don't copy someone else's goal - Booty gains. Bonus. Not fitting into any of your jeans? Bad times. 

Aesthetic goals have never been my motivation to workout. Strength, power, endurance and balance are much more appealing to me and so that is what I will be dedicating my energy to in 2017. 

I will also be focusing on smaller things - my Mum gave me the loveliest book where I write 3 moments of joy every day and it's only Day 4 and already acknowledging the smaller pleasures in my life are making me appreciate everything around me so much more. 

Give it a try! 

So long story short, my 'resolutions' for 2017 are to keep looking after my body from the inside out and to stop worrying and take time to smile at all the good things around me. 

Don't underestimate the influence of small things.