Fave London Fitness Studios


I bought their introductory offer of 3 for £45 and tried two of their Hybrid classes and one Pilates class. They have lots more classes available though and I will definitely be trying them out in the new year! I particularly enjoyed the Hybrid class with Aleksa as it got my heart pumping with AMRAP and then got my abs burning with the MOTR Reformer (which highlighted my terrible balance!). 


Again I started with the intro offer of 2 for £25 which includes a set of wraps. Although a little hesitant when the warm up started with squat thrusts it got me sweating like a mo fo and half dying/half questioning my fitness levels but loving every second. This is a seriously intense workout incorporating boxing with strength and cardio exercises using bands, med balls and more. If you like to feel destroyed after a workout like myself then go check it out!


I teach ballet fit classes and was a professional dancer so I was curious to know what this place was about as I'd heard it was the place to go for barre classes. Unfortunately I had a teacher who moved up country but she was awesome and the structure of the class with great. If someone tells you, you won't get DOMS after a barre class they are either a) lying b) not trying hard enough or c) they're not going to Barrecore! When you think the teacher can't possibly add on any more they go and add on more so the entire class is not just challenging you physically but mentally too! I discovered I have a lot of will power and a high pain threshold :) 

9 Round

This was an unexpected gem of a find! I visited the one in Wandsworth - it is a 30 minute workout with guess what? 9 rounds. With a kickboxing theme the workout includes cardio, strength, coordination and core. This workout shows just how much you can do with just 30 mins of your day dedicated to getting your sweat on! Aaaand they are currently offering a 7 day free trial so what are you waiting for?!

Unsure of trying a new studio or nervous to try a different class? Leave suggestions below and I will be your guinea pig :) More reviews to come!