Be Healthy Be Happy

After speaking to one of my clients I felt it important to speak about the importance of 'balance'. I am an advocate for healthy living however, I feel strongly that part of a healthy lifestyle is happiness. It's not all about fitting into skinny jeans and working on muscle tone, it's about working towards a better you that ultimately makes you a happier person. 

So, maybe your goal is to fit into a pair of jeans but the process to how you get there shouldn't have to make you miserable. Accept the challenge and work hard to achieve it but honestly, if you want a slice of cake once in a while then eat it and enjoy it - without the guilt trip afterwards.

'Balance' is the key - you hear it all the time but people still forget what it means. Life is too short to spend time worrying about what you did or didn't do - if you decided not to go for your workout today because you were exhausted or just feeling a bit lazy then don't beat yourself up about it! You can benefit just as much from a rest day as a training day.

Eating nutritious foods and doing plenty of exercise will improve your quality of life - there is no doubt. And both of these elements work to reduce stress levels and boost your 'feel good' chemicals but sometimes you can create stress due to food or exercise choices which is unnecessary. 

Remember that being happy is just as important as being healthy and your mental well being is just as important as your physical well being. Living a healthy lifestyle is about much more than just fitness and nutrition, so be kind to yourself!  

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