Muriel's Kitchen : Home Sweet Home

Thanks to one of my gorgeous besties I discovered Muriel's Kitchen. This beautifully decorated restaurant has a lot to offer the healthy wanderer but also plenty on the menu for the not-so-healthy who are just looking for some delicious comfort food-type grub (Nana Muriel's famous lasagne will hit the spot!).  

Inspired by dishes from our mothers and grandmothers, they turn British classics into modern works of art that taste great and make our souls a little happier and the Winter days a little less gloomy!

They are proud users of British sourced quality ingredients and prepare their food fresh daily - changing the menu frequently according to what's in season. As well as the food though, I think it's the decor that makes Muriel's Kitchen so special - bird cages and swinging chairs are just a couple of the restaurants features that give it their identity.

On my latest visit I opted for a chai tea and their home-made granola sundae with a berry compote topping. Unlike many 'healthy' restaurants I got a generous portion which actually filled me up (and trust me when I tell you that's difficult to achieve :p). 

Based in Richmond, Soho and South Kensington.

Based in Richmond, Soho and South Kensington.

I will warn you that if you are trying to stick to nutritious 'healthy' options then there are plenty of things on the menu that will try their best to deter you - such as their blueberry pancakes and pulled pork sliders. However, there are also tons of delicious healthier choices from their breakfast menu such as egg white and spinach omelette to their spring mains menu of smokey surrey aubergine! mmm...

Enjoy making smarter, healthier choices at Muriel's Kitchen and never feel guilty eating out again!