Don't Stress…Smile!!

We all experience stress from time to time but learning how you can deal with stress could save you a lot of 'stress' :p

Here's some things to consider when you find yourself in a stressful situation and I hope you find them helpful :)

1. Determine the cause - whether it's something small or something big it's important that you confront it and acknowledge what it is. If you can't remember what caused the stress in the first place then bonus! Smile, move on and do something nice for yourself.

2. Their worry is not your worry - of course you should be there for your friends, be the shoulder they need to cry on, the ears they need to listen…but you don't have to be a tray for them to unload their worries onto. We have enough of our own! 

3. Worry, Why? is it reeeally so important that you are compromising your happiness? There's always a solution to a problem - it may not be simple or easy but it's there. Don't accept that it's 'just one of those things'. Find the solution, smile and focus on something positive. 

4. Don't bottle it up - even if you don't want to burden anyone it's important to express yourself and not pretend you're ok if you're not. Getting it off your chest will instantly make you feel lighter. And isn't that what most of us want? ;)

5. Write it down - speaking to someone can be difficult so if that's the case then try writing it down. It's surprisingly therapeutic and you can spill out your thoughts without anyone judging. 

6. Do something - keeping busy isn't just a distraction. Going for a walk or visiting a museum is relaxing and proven to reduce stress levels. Or if you're like me then working out is a great distraction and an instant stress-buster :)


Don't Stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.