222 Veggie Vegan : Review

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Snapchat may have thought that I was overreacting when I posted food pics from my recent visit to 222 Veggie Vegan on North End Road. 

But what can I say, it was a revelation to discover just how delicious, filling and unpretentious vegan food can be - for an affordable price too! (London prices). And unlike the majority of 'healthy' food establishments you got a FULL plate - not pay a tenner for a handful of chickpeas and a drizzle of tahini but a full plate! For big appetites like myself this just made me oh so much happier ;)

After researching places to take my vegan brother, 222 popped up straight away as one of the best vegan restaurants in London and I admit when I saw the address I was a little hesitant to book. But just to prove how popular the place was I could only get a table for 5pm on a Saturday and there seemed to be a constant group at the door crossing their fingers and toes, hoping they would get a cancellations table. 

Visually, the restaurant is nothing special - however the mix of people you see filling up the small space goes to show that this place is all about the food. Quantity, yes but more importantly QUALITY. 

We started with a plate of Pitta Dips to share which came with a selection of creamy hummus, pimento and smashed avocado. 

For mains all three of us couldn't resist going for the 222 Burger - a tofu and veggie burger in a wholemeal roll served with leafy salad, oven-baked chips and homemade ketchup. And they were kind enough to swap the chips for sweet potato wedges for myself and Emanuel. 

222 Burger

222 Burger

Even though we were all stuffed we were all intrigued to try the exciting desserts - which includes vegan ice cream, tofu cheesecake, raw chocolate torte…(list of yumminess goes on). After a difficult few minutes deciding I went for the Spiced Island Pie - a raw dessert of almond and cashew cream, with cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg on a nut and coconut base. 

Spiced Island Pie

Spiced Island Pie

Catering for everyone, they have a Key system noting next to each dish whether it is vegan, gluten free, wheat free, wheat free option, raw and/or organic.

I have to mention how great the service was as well - I feel bad for not getting our waitresses name but she made the experience even better with her friendly and attentive manner. 

Wherever you are based, I would recommend making the effort to get your butts down here. Veggies, Vegans and Meat Lovers assemble - your eyes will be opened and your tastebuds will be forever thankful!