Quick Fix, Long Term Failure…

Who hasn't panicked a week before their holiday and gone on a diet to get quick results? From juicing to eating baby food, living off cabbage soup, the grapefruit diet, just eating raw food, the blood-type diet, the five-bite diet, the cookie diet - the list goes on and on!!

Most of these fad diets centre around the fact that they are low in calories. 

Will a low cal diet will make you lose weight? Yes. 

Is it a sensible weight loss solution? No.

Is it sustainable? No.

Could it have health implications? Yes. 

There are many long term side effects with these fad diets and they are not sustainable. You are also likely to suffer from these short term side effects:

1. Being Hangry - hungry and angry!

2. Increased Stress Levels - Increased levels of cortisol causes stress and possibly weight gain!

3. Bloating - Feeing bloated and gassy is not fun. Be considerate of those around you!

4. Fatigue - Lack of nutrients = lack of energy. Boring!

Besides, how many times have you starved yourself the week before to shed a few pounds, only to put it all back on after getting too excited at the breakfast buffet on the first day of your holiday? 

You will hear it time and time again and not because we are stuck on repeat but because it is the healthiest, the most sustainable and the best for long term results - balance. That vexatious word is not a quick fix solution and is unlikely to drop you a dress size in a day but is a reliable, healthy, sustainable way of losing waiting safely and successfully. 

No, it's not easy. Yes, it takes time to get it right. Yes, you will have bad days. No, you shouldn't feel guilty. 

A balance of carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and water combined with regular exercise is the recipe for success. Trust. 

Get into a routine that you can sustain all year round so that when you want to, you can indulge on that dinner out or that holiday guilt-free and stress-free! Remember - Life is for living!!!

As usual if you feel you need some help getting started or staying on track or have any queries I will do my best to assist :)