Getting Your Fit Life Started

Not everybody loves to exercise - for some people it is a real chore and they find it difficult finding a work out that they enjoy! There are also those of us who love to exercise but still have days where we would rather eat 1000 calories than burn 'em. 

We are all at different stages mentally when it comes to exercise and some days are better than others. 

The hardest part is getting started - especially if it's been a while! You're scared of the burn, of how others might judge you, if you're going to survive the whole work out or even get to half way! 

I still have these days and everybody does. 

Here are my top tips for getting started:

1. Join a Fitness Class - this way you don't even have to think - you just do, you can perform safely under supervision and you are surrounded by people in the same boat as you! 

Some of my favourite studios are Kobox off Kings Road, The Power Yoga Co. in Parsons Green, Heartcore (book in to my class on a Sunday 9am & 10am in Chelsea and 12 & 1pm in St Johns Wood) and for those who enjoy the outdoors get your butts to Swift Fitness (catch me in Battersea on a Monday at 7pm and Fulham on Weds & Thurs 7pm). 

2. Hello New Active wear! - Nothing motivates me more than new workout gear that makes me look good and feel good while sweating my arse off in less than flattering light. 

Check out Active in Style for a wide range of different brands and Lorna Jane for the best sports bras!

3. Set Goals - Why are you putting yourself through this? Is it for weight loss? Muscle gains? Or just to improve fitness levels and feel awesome again? 

Be specific and set yourself a realistic time frame - this way you're more likely to stay on track.

Get inspired by following these fitness bloggers: Zanna Van Dijk , Hazel Wallace and Steph Elswood  

4. Find a Fitness Buddy - make your workout more fun by training with a friend. You can help motivate each other and they can be there to pick you off the floor at the end! 

Plus a little friendly competition will make you work harder - but save the natter for your post workout lunch :p

If you really can't convince one of your friends to join you (their loss!) then use websites such as to find some one in your area. 

5. Clear the Crap - you can train hard as you like but if you find it difficult to resist temptation then you need to replace the foods holding you back - such as processed or foods high in refined sugars with wholesome, nutritious options. 

It's tough but it doesn't mean you can't have them, just in moderation! 

Using apps such as My Fitness Pal can be really helpful for staying on track and making sure you're fuelling correctly. 

Remember you are not alone! It's completely normal to have good days and bad and it's totally fine to skip a workout and have a cheat day every now and again. 

If you feel you need that extra little push getting going then drop me an email via the contact page or directly to