Holiday Fit Tips/An Honest Review Of What A Holiday Means To Me...

Alright peeps, so I've had a few people ask about how to stay fit on holiday, how to exercise, what to eat, what to avoid etc. 

I don't know about you guys but when I imagine a holiday for myself - exercise is not at the top of my priorities. And maybe as a fitness professional that will surprise you but for me a holiday is a time for me to relax my aching bones, let my muscles fully recover and give my brain a rest and not worry about burning off the thousands of calories gained at the breakfast buffet...

Don't get me wrong though, I fully admire those that can swap their rare chance of a lie in for a sweaty gym/HIIT sesh - on my last holiday to Portugal I opted for the odd 10-15 minute HIIT. And trust me I didn't do a minute longer because a) I work out all year round and wanted a rest and b) I wanted to do other things - such as eating, sleeping and lazing by the pool. Priorities :p 

And nutrition wise…well anyone who follows me on Instagram or Snapchat will know that 'when in Rome' (so to speak) I eat like a born n bred Roman - pizza, pasta, ice cream, tiramisu…or when in Portugal - meat, meat and more meat. 

I have to say though, weird as I may be - I crave eating healthily if I'm away for longer than 2-3 days. And after a few days of being in-active I also crave exercise because I looove feeling energised after a workout. 

I could give loads of tips for staying fit and healthy on holiday, most of them you've heard before:

Hotel room workouts

Pack a resistance band/skipping rope

Swim in the pool/sea

Run on the beach

Eat one ice cream a day instead of three

Opt for grilled over fried

Pack your own healthy snacks

Drink plenty of water

A lot of these things you already know, it's just implementing them and having the will power to put them into place. And if you have a goal and want to stay on track instead of using your holiday as an excuse to over indulge and feel guilty about your food choices then go you! I support your determination and applaud your efforts!

I, on the other hand will be cheering you on from the sidelines, alongside my jug of sangria and my lazy arse ;)