Stop Self-Hate, Self Love!

It's the easiest thing to criticise yourself if you're not getting results fast enough. You see others around you rocking just a sports bra and teeny tiny shorts (are they even shorts though?) with mega confidence and it makes you want to dive for the McVities even faster and then hate yourself when all that's left is a pile of crumbs on the sofa where you've been hating some more in front of the tv watching Devious Maids (ok that show is my guilty pleasure)!

It's a vicious circle and the only person who can nip it in the bud is yourself! Not all of us are blessed with heaps of will power and self-discipline so all you can do it try, do your best and when you cock up it's not the end of the world!

We are lucky to be in an age where peoples mentality about what classifies as 'healthy' and 'fit' is changing - it's not about being the skinniest bitch at the barre of the beefiest badass in the gym. We are celebrating peoples ability, mobility, strength, physical and mental endurance, mental well-being! Yes - part of being 'healthy' and 'fit' is exercising your mind. 

I read an interview with Hannah Rose Fit for Fashercise and she admitted that she loves her body! Zut alors a woman who is happy in her own skin! Stop sweatin' the small stuff - so what if you have a bit of cellulite on your bum, so does nearly everyone and for the small portion of people who don't? Who cares - lucky them and their perfect bottoms. Can they run as far as you, can they push as hard as you, are they smiling as wide as you? 

It is ok to have areas of your body which you prefer to others, it is ok to admire other peoples bodies too. Just stop comparing because you can never be that person and why would you want to be anyway? You are faaabulous! As long as you know it, those midriff baring, knicker err shorts wearing 'fitspos' will be wondering what you had in your coffee - and you can tell em full fat, chocolate sprinkled, hazelnut syruped latte of happiness with a side of soul, sweetness and contentment (a.k.a salted caramel muffin…). 

Peace Out xxx