Ermana Skincare Review

After switching to "balms" instead of regular cleansers a few months back I was really excited to discover UK based skincare brand Ermana. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I have combination skin which can be sensitive and prone to acne so initially I was wary of using balms. However, now I am a convert and with Ermana products using botanicals and all natural ingredients I was interested to give them a try. 


I started with the Comfort Balm and the Tone Muscle Balm. Comfort balm for the purpose of adding a little more calm to my day and the Tone Muscle Balm because the days when I don't have some form of muscle tension are far and few between! 

One thing I find so impressive with these two products is the versatility. There are many different ways you can use them (which I'll discuss) which means less clutter around the bathroom sink. Great for people like me who get slightly overwhelmed with the amount of products there are these days!

Comfort Balm

The Comfort Balm is made using essential oils such as lavender - a scent I absolutely love, as well as Ylang Ylang and geranium. The balm is suitable for all skin types and can be used to relax the mind and calm down breathing by rubbing it into your wrists and temples. It can also be used for dry skin and chapped lips.

I keep it next to my laptop while I'm working so that when I'm feeling a little stressed I just unscrew the lid and take deep breaths in. 


Tone Muscle Balm

Whether you're into fitness or not, most of us suffer from achy muscles. I've enjoyed using this post workout by rubbing it into my sore muscles or again when I'm at my laptop and my shoulders start to feel tense. The rosemary, eucalyptus and marjoram essential oils help to warm the skin, improve circulation and ease muscle tension. 

Both balms, as well as all their other products are hand blended in the UK and are cruelty free. 

You can visit their online store by clicking here where they have lots more beautiful products!