Winter Fitness Tips

It's happening people. It's cold. It's dark. Classes are getting smaller. Winter Warmers are becoming more frequent. Motivation is slipping. 

After all the hard work you've put in during Spring and Summer, how do you maintain your efforts over the coming months? I'll tell ya - We need to muster up some grit and determination and to come up with a goal plan.

We've all experienced that first session back after a holiday or an extended period of time off of training… The 5,6,7 day DOMS that remind you you've been a lazy f*****! The effort it takes to even make it to that first session back can be tough! 

Instead of letting your fitness levels drop and your waistlines expand, try these simple steps for maintaining motivation and be ahead of the game come January. 

Set A Fitness Goal

Ok, so you might not be spending Christmas in the Caribbean, in which case it's unlikely you're going to have to wear a bikini any time soon. So maybe setting an aesthetics goal isn't for you. How about setting a goal that's going to improve your fitness or strength? 

Maybe you've never been able to do a push up on your toes or perform 20 squat jumps without stopping. Perhaps you've always admired the girls who can do unassisted pull ups? Or handstands? 

Pick something that is going to be challenging but realistic. If you have a wrist injury, then handstand push ups by Christmas might not be sensible. If you currently deadlift 50kg then 100kg might have to be a longer term goal. 

Plan of Action

Now you've decided, you need to make a plan. You probably have to mix up your current workout routine. 3 classes of barrecore a week isn't going to build the strength necessary for a pull up. This can be intimidating if you haven't made one before so don't be afraid to ask a professional. Consider it a Christmas pressie to yourself! 

Alternatively, do research online and find some good workouts on YouTube to follow. There's so much information out there available for free! 

Also, if your goal requires you to use a gym and you're not confident using a particular machine or you're new to using free-weights then again, don't be afraid to ask someone for help! You'll only be boosting their ego since they appear to know what they're doing! Caution* avoid asking the person with the pulled down cap, oversized beats, silently sipping on 3 shakes. 

Fuel Up Correctly

Alright, so you've got a goal, you've made a workout plan but now you have to make some decisions regarding your food choices. 

Again, I'll say it one more time - ask a professional for help! For weight loss and weight gain. If you want to get stronger, you have to be willing to eat more - so be prepared for a change on the scales should strength be your goal. 

Goal planning is essential whatever you want to achieve - I'm afraid winging it will probably only result in us having this conversation again this time next year! 

Just because the festive season has begun doesn't mean your goals have to drop on the priority list. Go get 'em!!