Vegan Food Guide - Fulham & Chelsea

Simply Vegan

In love with this cafe which has only recently opened it's doors in Fulham. Perfect for catch ups with friends, hungry eaters (buffet heaven) and they have the best selection of vegan and raw desserts and pastries, I was lost for choice! - but in the end took home a raw carrot cake and an apple crumble loaf which were deleeeshus!

As for the buffet, the selection of hot and cold food was amazing and so well presented. And the couple running this cute new joint were so friendly and helpful. 

Picky Wops

This vegan pizza joint has won my heart and more importantly, the heart of my meat-loving fianc√© that upon request I have had to make the same order three weeks in a row! 

Something about eating these pizzas feels slightly less naughty that regular pizza too! 

They have tons of topping choices and I love how you can pick your base, your "cheese" and add on any extras such as hemp seeds or extra "ham".

Soon to open a new Picky Wops in Peckham!

Wulf & Lamb

After drooling over their Instagram posts for far too long I finally went to see what all the fuss was about. I brought Eman along with me so the pressure was on because although I was certain I wouldn't be disappointed he can sometimes be harder to please - especially when trying to prove a vegan burger can be as satisfying as a regular burger to a meat eater.

Rest assured we both went for the Wulf Burgers which are made of seitan and let's just say we had a very silent lunch date! The mac 'n' cheese side was also incredible - easier to fool Eman on this one as he'd never had mac 'n' cheese before (whaaat?! I know.)


I am continuing my hunt for more vegan eateries so if you have any recommendations then let me know!!