Excuses and Their Underlying Meaning

While on your journey to becoming a healthier, happier person you are bound to come up against obstacles. But the main barrier getting in your way (get out the kleenex) is you. 

We all make excuses from time to time. It's very easy to do because it requires very little commitment. 


Here are a few of my favourite excuses and the real meaning behind them...


Excuse No.1 - I can't get to the gym

Underlying Meaning - I can't be arsed to work out today. 

Park, walk, run, jump, skip or hop - there's things you can do that don't require a gym. 


Excuse No.2 - Healthy Eating is Expensive 

Underlying Meaning - Health isn't my priority. 

Healthy eating is expensive if you're stocking up on Deliciously Ella energy balls and buying take out from The Detox Kitchen on a daily basis. Two words - meal prep. 


Excuse No.3 - I don't have time to meal prep.

Underlying Meaning - I'd rather watch Breaking Bad.

Spoiler Alert! Walter White ruins everything around him, loses his family and dies. Now go and boil your peas. 


Excuse No.4 - I don't know what I'm doing in gym. 

Underlying Meaning - I need to put my big girl/boy pants on. 

Screen shot the shit out of Instagram and YouTube. From gym to home workouts, zumba to frickin' line dancing I assure you there is someone out there to help and inspire you.


Excuse No.5 - I tried exercising but didn't see any results.

Underlying Meaning - I bought Scarlett Moffatt's dvd in January but now it makes a good coaster. 

Results take time, patience and perseverance. But I agree it probably makes a better coaster. 


Now it might seem harsh but in order to make change we need to be honest with ourselves. We're not always motivated, we don't always choose the salad over the burrito. We don't always choose to sacrifice our only lie in for a sweaty session but if you have a goal and you want to reach it then…(you know how to finish this sentence).