My Training Routine

People often ask me what I do to stay in shape so I thought I'd give you an insight into my current workout routine. I've always loved variation and mixing things up as it keeps things interesting for me and my body responds really well to this too! 

So here's what I do on a weekly basis:

Strength Training 

Over the Winter I was suffering more than usual from arthritis in my hands and found weight training really useful. I was able to pull and push as long as my wrists remained in a neutral position and while the gym was a graveyard to most, for me it became my playground!

Now I'm going 2-3 times a week - one upper body focused, one lower body and one full body, mixing weights with bodyweight exercises, pull ups and core workouts. 


I try to get to a yoga class at least once a week. For me it's as much to unwind as it is to stretch out all the muscles that usually get neglected. I love the classes at The Power Yoga Company in Parsons Green as it doesn't matter which teacher I get, I'll always feel challenged and learn something new - whether that's a physical technique that I can apply on the mat or a mental piece of advice I can apply away from the mat.


I literally had to sign up for a half marathon to get my ass running again. But after my first run of the year on a sunny, Sunday morning a few weeks back I remembered how much I actually enjoy it. Plus the feeling I get afterwards is amazing. Now I'm going for at least one run a week, increasing my distance every week and will gradually edge it up to two then three a week. 

I'm running for Street Child and if you would like to sponsor me by giving a donation here's the link:


I try to go to someone else's class once a week. Not only is it a chance to get my butt kicked for a change but I always learn new tricks, methods and ideas which is really important as a trainer. Most recently I've been loving UN1T classes on Wandsworth Bridge Road. They're a mix of strength and cardio and different classes challenge you in different ways. I also really like the fact that you hop from station to station with two or three other people so they motivate you too. 

Quite possibly the sweatiest class ever! 


Even if I wanted to train every day of the week it's impossible with my work commitments. As a freelance PT, every week is different so although I have a rough idea of how my training schedule will look, I have to be flexible and so it often changes.

Switching off is just as important for your body and mind and I have recently started using the Headspace app to get into the habit of mediating daily. Although I'll admit I sometimes find it a struggle just to sit still for ten minutes I always feel the benefits afterwards. 


Remember! What I do may not work for you. Our bodies are different and will respond differently to different types of training. 

I strongly believe though, that a varied training programme incorporating resistance, cardio and stretching helps to build lean muscle, stops any boredom occurring and prevents any plateauing. 

For advice on training feel free to ping me an email!