Vegan 1 Week Challenge

*Disclaimer* This was not an entirely successful mission and towards the end of the week I started giving in to choices based on convenience. However, it has made me more aware of the choices I make and I will continue to work towards an entirely plant-based diet. 


8am - Banana

9.30am Post Run Breakfast - 2 slices of brown toast w mushrooms, baby tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, herbs de provence, dried mint & seasoning. 

10.30am - Gentle Yoga Flow at home

11.30am - Whole Earth Barley & Chicory drink (coffee alternative)

12.30 Lunch - Steamed sweet potato cubes w salad leaves, black beans, steamed broccoli & topped with tahini, balsamic vinegar & chilli flakes, 

4pm Snack - 4 pieces dark chocolate w peanut butter 

8.45pm Very Late Dinner - Tofu Thai Green Curry (made earlier in the day) - I used the Tesco thai green curry paste and served it with basmati rice. 

Recipe : Serves 3-4

1 onion

Sesame oil

2 tbspoon thai green curry paste 

300ml hot vegetable stock (I used Kallo)

1 can coconut milk

1 head broccoli

2 kaffir lime leaves

200g tofu - cut into squares

1 green pepper - ideally green but today I only had a red one. Sliced thinly

50g green beans/mangetout

50g baby corn - halved 

juice of 1 lime

handful fresh coriander

basmati rice to serve

Method :

1. Fry onion in oil over medium heat for 2-3 mins. Add curry paste and fry for 1 minute.

2. Pour in stock, coconut milk and bring to the boil, then simmer 5 minutes. 

3. Add broccoli and kaffir lime leaves and cook for 10 minutes. 

4. Cook rice to packet instructions. 

5. Add tofu, green/red peppers, green beans or mangetout and baby corn with squeeze of lime and cook for 5 minutes or until vegetables are softened. 

6. Serve with rice and sprinkle coriander on top. 


I live with a meat eater so I cooked the tofu separately and cooked some chicken for my partner and distributed the curry and vegetable mixture into separate saucepans towards the end so it could soak up the curry. 



9.30pm Snack - Small bowl of The Coconut Collaborative dairy-free yoghurt. 



8am Breakfast on the Go - Starbucks Mango & Coconut Smoothie Bowl 

10.30am Second breakfast! - 2 slices brown toast, baked beans & raw mushrooms with herbs de provence. 

3pm Lunch - Leftover tofu thai green curry from night before. 

8.45pm Dinner - Homemade brazil nut pesto (prepped in the afternoon due to cancellation) served with wholewheat noodles, wilted spinach, rocket & watercress and topped with toasted pine nuts.

Recipe : Serves

Pesto Ingredients -

100g brazil nuts

juice 1 lemon 

1/4 tspoon garlic granules

pinch chilli flakes

1 packet fresh basil

1 tbspoon nutritional yeast 

pinch salt

drizzlin' olive oil

Other -

toasted pine nuts (5-10 mins fan oven 180)

wholewheat noodles

mix of veggies - I used spinach, rocket & watercress 

Method :

1. Make Pesto - put all ingredients into a food processor and blend till smooth-ish. 

2. Cook noodles

3. Drain water from noodles and stir in pesto.

4. Add veggies of choice

5. Put into bowls and top with the pine nuts



9.15pm Snack - Small bowl of The Coconut Collaborative dairy-free yoghurt. 



6.45am Breakfast - 2 slices brown toast with 1/2 avocado w fresh lime juice, ground pepper & paprika

7.30am - Whole Earth Barley & Chicory drink

9.30am Second breakfast (post home yoga flow) - Small bowl porridge made with Plenish almond milk & water, mixed with Sukrin Peanut butter powder, macs powder & cacao nibs. 

1pm Lunch - Big Ass Burrito Bowl made using mixed salad leaves, wholewheat noodles, 1/4 yellow pepper, half avocado, baby sweetcorn, chopped cucumber, baby tomatoes, black beans, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, seasoning, olive oil, lime juice & small amount of balsamic vinegar. 


3pm Snack - Holland & Barrett banana chips and cup of tea

8.30pm Dinner *SLIP UP* - Eman ordered takeaway pizza - a veggie for me & a meat one for himself. There wasn't an option on this website (Dominoes!) to remove the cheese so I had a veggie not vegan pizza. 



6am Breakfast *INTENTIONAL SLIP UP 2* - Chocolate Croissant  

10.30am Snack - Piece of Bread w Biona Organic dairy-free coconut spread

2pm Post Yoga Lunch - *Leftover Pizza* 

5pm - Handful banana chips

8.30pm Dinner - Remaining thai green curry leftovers

9pm - Few teaspoons of coconut yoghurt



7.30am Post Run Breakfast - Porridge made with Plenish almond milk, turmeric & ground ginger and topped with banana, strawberries, homemade granola (recipe on my YouTube channel) and date syrup. 

1pm Lunch - Fresh pasta salad with black beans, Sainsbury's FreeFrom cheddar style cheese, tinned sweet corn, salad leaves, 1/4 yellow pepper and drizzled with olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar & herbs de Provence. 

2pm - T2 cup of chai tea

5pm Snack - Slice of brown bread with Pip n Nut crunchy peanut & maple

7.15pm Dinner at Ham Yard, near Piccadilly Circus

Starter - Avocado & Artitchoke  

Main - Butternut Squash, chickpea & olive bake

Dessert - *Conscious slip up* Grapefruit posset  



10am Breakfast - 2 pieces brown bread, 1/2 avocado w lemon juice & paprika and small bowl of coconut yoghurt, homemade granola & strawberries

2pm Post Yoga Snack - Jacobs Crackers 

Afternoon/Evening Grazing - Coconut yoghurt, pumpkin seed butter on toast.