Mindful in 3 Steps

Step 1

Resist checking any social media as soon as you wake up! I've recently started to have a large glass of lemon water when I first wake up and I hold off checking Instagram until I've finished the whole glass. 

I've found that by delaying this, I have a better start to the day as my mind is clear of nonsense and I feel more aware of my thoughts. 

Step 2

Prepare at least one nourishing, home cooked meal a day. Whether this is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking the extra time to think about what you're putting into your body shows care for yourself. And the satisfaction of making something delicious is a great feeling. 

Step 3

Take some alone time. Life is busy and stressful, full of stimuli and energy. Spending time by yourself is just as important as spending time with family and friends. Learning to be content with your own company will have a super impact on your mental and emotional growth. 


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