Setting Intentions, Surpassing Expectations

Hello January! And welcome all those recently joining the fitness community! 

Many, many people will have set resolutions to get fit, get healthy, quit this, quit that. And although we generally set ourselves great intentions in January, come February time the majority will have fallen back into old ways. 

It doesn't help that with these great intentions, come expectations. Your friends and family will be watching, judging and (some, not all) may be waiting for you to fail. Sad but true. 

If your resolution is to get healthier but the people around you aren't being supportive then you need to either take some time out from those people and/or surround yourself with other go-getters. 

Find yourself a bootcamp or a fitness class where you'll be amongst tons of other people also trying to get fit and healthy. Download apps that encourage you to stick to your programmes. Search YouTube for inspirational home/gym workouts

Intentions are all well and good but with them you need grit and determination. Nobody can give you this but yourself. Read my Winter Fitness Tips  to help set yourself a goal. 

It is the most satisfactory feeling to reach a goal after all that hard work. All that motivation, those sacrifices, that sweat, those tears have paid off. But why stop there?! Surpassing your own expectations is an even better feeling! 

Time to set new intentions, new goals - so that come January 2019 you're not starting all over again. 

For any questions or advice then go to my contact page and ping me a message. 

Good Luck!!


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