A general rant...

We all have things that motivate and inspire us but making sure you are aspiring to be a better you is most important. 

I love Instagram and Snapchat for the amount of women I follow who have overcome amazing obstacles and who share valuable advice many of which I can relate to but majority of which I can’t. 

Yes I went to dance college and felt the pressures of being ‘skinny’ but however restricted my diets were in the past I’m happy to say I never had an eating disorder or felt depressed because I was living off egg whites and raw spinach. I also don’t have a desire to build my booty like some of the girls I follow although I find them very impressive!

My fitness goals are very simple - be fitter, stronger, happier and live longer. My nutrition goals are also very simple - I don’t measure or weigh food as I have an intelligent understanding of what my body needs and what I need to fuel it and also keep my soul happy. 

I love exercise but there are days when all I want is a yin yoga class and lie with my legs in the air for 10 minutes and there are days when all I want is to prop my feet on a pillow and my only exercise is the resistance of eating a whole packet of biscuits - some days I fail miserably. 

Balance is so important and although I’d love to tell you all I eat a completely clean diet and work out every day - that’s not the truth. And although Instagram can fool people into believing that the women they follow spend their life spinning from one studio to the next, taste testing juice bars 3 times a day and promoting activewear lines - they’re probably working reeeally hard on the side lines which we just don’t see. 

Big up the ladies and gents with goals that might not be the same as yours, encourage those who are documenting their progress on social media because it helps them stay on track. Celebrate peoples honesty when they have a cheat meal/day and send a virtual high five to the guys ‘n’ gals living on chicken and brown rice diets to get competition ready.

Find something to motivate you or someone to inspire you and see how you can use their achievements, set backs, goals, experiences to further your personal gains.

Don’t copy. Be the amazing, unique individual you are. 

Rant over.